Utah Senate District 29 candidates discuss police reform, state lands issues

Democratic challenger Chuck Goode (left) will go head-to-head against long -erm state legislator Sen. Don Ipson in November’s general election representing Utah state Senate District 29 | Submitted photos LATEST STORIES ST. GEORGE — When Utah voters cast their ballots in November’s general election, there are a host of contested races that pit Republicans against Democrats and against third-party candidates in what political pundits view as one of the most pivotal elections in modern times. In Southern Utah, two candidates – democratic challenger Chuck Goode and Republican Sen. Don Ipson (incumbent), both of St. George – are vying to represent voters in Utah Senate District 29. Currently, there are 42,097 registered Republicans and 7,114 Democrats living in the district. Each candidate sat down with St. George News to talk about politics and policy. After general remarks, each candidate was presented identical questions for voters to compare and contrast the answers. Chuck Goode For Chuck Goode, it’s hard to call anywhere home. Born into a poor family and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of North and South Carolina, his parents were constantly on the move from town to town. Life was hard, but Goode’s salt-of-the-earth neighbors and friends always buoyed his spirits. “People in my life were so nice,” he said. “People I remember were so helpful.” Chuck Goode, Democratic candidate for Utah Senate District 29 general election 2020.| Photo courtesy of Chuck Goode, St. George News Although his parents were illiterate, Goode would go on to live his high […]

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