Vermont’s major new gun law blocks man ‘who planned school shooting’ from having a gun

Vermont’s major new gun law blocks man 'who planned school shooting' from having a gun

Protesters in Vermont during the gun control debate Less than a week after the Republican governor of Vermont signed the first significant gun control package in state history into law, officials have used the new restrictions to stop a school shooting plot suspect from holding on to his guns. After Governor Phil Scott signed the package — which includes a ban on high capacity magazines, raising the age to buy a gun in the state, and a provision that makes it easier for police to remove guns from people who appear to pose a threat — a judge in the state signed a so-called extreme risk prevention order that said 18-year-old Jack Sawyer poses an extreme threat of physical harm to himself and others, and therefore cannot possess a firearm. Prosecutors say that Mr Sawyer kept a diary with the title “Journal of an Active Shooter”, and that he […]

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