Vernon County residents weigh in on Second Amendment resolution; Board to vote Feb. 2

About 40 Vernon County residents spoke at a virtual public hearing Monday morning regarding the County Board of Supervisors’ proposed resolution declaring Vernon County to be a Second Amendment preservation county. The majority of people who spoke at the hearing opposed the resolution and asked the Vernon County Board of Supervisors to vote against it. Three participants who spoke were in favor of the resolution. The resolution is on the Board of Supervisors’ Tuesday, Feb. 2 agenda. The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. Before citizen input began, Supervisor Roger Call, who represents District 18, and authored the resolution, reviewed the proposed resolution. Jillian Ritchie of Viroqua said she comes from a family of gun owners and is not against guns for hunting or personal protection. “The county has no role here. Our country is divided enough; we don’t need another source of division.” Leslie Wegener of Stoddard said she opposed the content of the resolution. She said she questioned the timing of the resolution because she sees other issues on the County Board agenda with higher priority. “This is un-Constitutional and unenforceable.” Mike Nordskog, a resident and attorney in the town of Webster, said he opposed the resolution because he saw legal shortcomings. He said the County Board of Supervisors are to uphold the Constitution. “Why single out one amendment? … The resolution is meaningless and unenforceable.”

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