Veterans open new Waco gun customizing shop

They have dubbed the place simply Paul and Foster, named for Afghan vet Bill Paul, 29, a native of Red Bluff, California, “a hick town out in the middle of nowhere,” and Mitch Foster, 54, an ex-peace officer who spent 19 years in the military, much of that time at San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base. Both have lived in Central Texas and deemed the area ideal for their services. They turn generic firearms into personalized pieces through engraving and sublimation, a process that creates a new look and protective coating using heat from a CO2 laser, gel and ink, Paul said. “We have access to 110 colors, and we can come up with super-special camouflage,” he said. Paul grew up with gunsmithing in his family. His father, grandfather and an uncle are accomplished in the craft, he said. After exposure to the regimen, firearms not only have a distinctive look but become more resistant to rust and wear because of a polymer shell, Paul said. “We can apply the coating to any part of the gun except for the internal working parts,” he said. “The process can take from five hours to five days, depending upon its complexity and the surface to be covered: wood, steel or plastic. Prices range from $50 for a pair of sunglasses, for example, to $600 or $700 for a high-end job that might involve 20 to 40 hours of work.” Though the shop opened only recently, “Waco has taken a liking to […]

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