Voice of the Reader: Winkeler's wolf cry

Voice of the Reader: Winkeler’s wolf cry

Gun Rights

I just read Les Winkeler’s "crying wolf" column about not advancing gun rights. Well, Les, let’s start licensing newspaper writers, owners and editors. Let’s start ripping into the First Amendment. Licensing and highly regulating newspapers is within the purview of the state. Right? Heck, you guys don’t even have a federal license. Reaction would die down quickly, though, according to you. The firearm industry is already heavily regulated and licensed. Strict background checks, harsh and unannounced complete 100 percent inventory inspections, along with detailed record-keeping requirements at least once a year. Mr. Winkeler, you’re misinformed. Gun licensing for 2,400 gun dealers includes going to gun selling school, 24-hour cameras throughout the store inside and out, and all firearms secured at night. Gun inventory all on computers. How about the gun dealers’ Second Amendment rights? These anti-gun legislation bills are always filled with piles of regulations unknown to anyone — including you! Do you think that cameras hovering over you watching every move you make will make customers uncomfortable and nervous? It would me. Real friendly business atmosphere, don’t you think? How about the cost to taxpayers with the state police in charge. They will probably have to double their workforce to regulate and inspect already strictly licensed gun dealers and law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen! Second Amendment rights? About eight to 10 more gun control bills are going through committee by our super majority liberal Chicago Democrats right now. Our great new governor has sworn to fight the NRA […]

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