Vote ‘Yes’ to make Madison County a Second Amendment sanctuary county

Vote 'Yes' to make Madison County a Second Amendment sanctuary county

To the Editor: At the last Madison County Board meeting on June 20, Republican County Board members decided to hear what voters had to say by asking you to vote on a Second Amendment resolution this November. The ballot question will read: "Shall Madison County become a sanctuary county for law-abiding gun owners to protect them from unconstitutional gun laws passed by the Illinois General Assembly?" All Republican county board members voted "Yes" that you should be allowed the opportunity to make a statement to your lawmakers in Springfield not to meddle with your Second Amendment rights. You too should know that all Democrat board members voted "No" to this resolution to let our Springfield lawmakers hear your voice on this vital topic. Under present course, our lawmakers in Springfield have lined up several bills (HB1465, HB1467, HB 1468, SB1657) to begin restricting and meddling with our Second Amendment Rights. (e.g., by changing the lawful age to purchase or possess an AR-15 to 21 years, and to decrease magazine capacity). There are more restrictive Second Amendment bills being considered in Springfield, and if passed just these two alone would make it illegal for your son or daughter under the age of 21 to hunt or go to the target range with an AR-15, and if you or they own a 30-round capacity magazine, you both would be breaking Illinois law. Let’s not be naïve, if these bills pass, it is just the beginning. Meddling and restricting the Second Amendment […]

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