Voters to weigh in on Montana’s gun laws, local control

In the upcoming election, Montana voters will decide how much authority local governments should have to regulate firearms. If the majority votes yes on LR-130, local governments will no longer be able to regulate the carry of permitted, concealed weapons or restrict the open carry of firearms except in public buildings within the governments’ jurisdiction. Local governments would also be unable to prevent the possession of firearms by convicted felons, people with mental illness, undocumented immigrants and children. If the majority votes no on LR-130, state law will remain as it is. State Rep. Matt Regier, R-Columbia Falls, sponsored the bill to place LR-130 on the ballot. “The thought is to protect our Second Amendment rights by keeping it uniform under state and federal law,” Regier said. “So then each city across Montana can’t come up with their own definition of what is mentally ill or how many bullets you can have in a magazine or whatever they can come up with. It would be almost impossible for a permit holder, such as myself, to drive across the state and be compliant with 16 different city ordinances.” The main group supporting the measure, the NRA Big Sky Self-Defense Committee, has received all of the $16,000 it has raised from the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm, according to records from the commissioner of political practices. The Gallatin County Republican Women also support LR-130. They are hosting a car rally titled “Defend the Second, Vote Yes on LR-130” on Sunday that […]

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