Waffle House shooting illustrates the danger posed by gun-free zones

© Getty Images Another mass public shooting in another gun-free zone, and yet again the media ignores it. Right at the front of the Waffle House restaurant in Antioch, Tennessee was a sign prohibiting firearms . But none of the news media, neither national nor local, reported that fact. Even having a president who finally emphasizes the dangers of gun-free zones for mass public shootings isn’t enough to get the press to consider this newsworthy. Almost immediately, the media was telling Americans all sorts of other details. We knew what type of gun was used. We learned that the killer had his gun confiscated last year after he was caught trespassing in a restricted area near the White House. We found out that he had stalked Taylor Swift and that he had previously threatened people with a gun. The easiest thing to report on is the one thing that […]

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