Wanted: An American Moses to break the chains of the gun lobby

When will America find its voice? This weekend begins the Jewish celebration of Passover. It’s a big deal. It commemorates the freedom from the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt of the Jewish people. The Book of Exodus tells this wonderful story about perseverance, religious belief, the birth, life and leadership of Moses, the power of God and the reluctance of the nonbelieving Pharaoh to accept what he could not see or hear. In the end, the words of Moses spoke loudly to the power of faith as he demanded of Egypt’s ruler to “let my people go.” And, of course, Pharaoh did. And that started the Jewish people on their long road through history. Where is this country’s Moses? A man or woman who will stand up to all the naysayers and demand that it is time to let the people of the United States go — to the movies, to the grocery store, to a concert, to a spa or to a school — without the fear of being slaughtered by some psycho with an automatic weapon. In the biblical story of Exodus, those who questioned the power of a Supreme Being intent upon protecting his people were subjected to the suffering of Ten Plagues. The final penalty was the death of the first born. And even Pharaoh learned the pain of that lesson. But, not us. Gun violence in America has cost too many families not only their first born but far too often many of today’s […]

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