Wash. deputy gets 5-day suspension for pulling gun on motorcyclist

A plainclothes King County Sheriff’s Office detective who pulled his gun on a motorcyclist during a traffic confrontation will be suspended for five days without pay, Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht announced Monday. Alex Randall was recording on a helmet camera last August when he was approached by Detective Richard Rowe. Randall says the deputy pulled a gun on him while he was in traffic and that he feared for his life. He believes the deputy lied during the investigation and wants to see him fired. "Let me first say that I am disappointed in Detective Rowe’s behavior, and that it isn’t acceptable and Detective Rowe, in his latter meeting with me, admitted to that. He is apologetic for his behavior and believes that he was wrong in using that behavior," Johanknecht said Monday. The five-day suspension is just half the punishment of what the sheriff’s own internal investigators recommended. Johanknecht […]

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