Washington County commissioners pass 2nd Amendment ‘sanctuary’ resolution

Washington County commissioners pass 2nd Amendment 'sanctuary' resolution

Associated Press A Miami detective registers a Magnum .357 in a gun buyback event in this March 2016 photo. The commissioners unanimously voted Thursday to declare Washington County a Second Amendment sanctuary county, a designation that several neighboring counties have also adopted recently. The board passed the resolution with commission Chairwoman Diana Irey Vaughan voting with an “enthusiastic yes” and Commissioner Nick Sherman offering “resounding” support. Irey Vaughan read the resolution “so the public knows exactly what we’re doing” that announced the county will protect Second Amendment rights and uphold both the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions that grant rights to gun owners. The resolution also cited U.S. Supreme Court decisions in District of Columbia vs. Heller in 2008 and McDonald vs. City of Chicago in 2010 that clarified the scope of the Second Amendment and upheld the rights for gun owners. “I’m so proud of us getting to the essence of the Constitution and what our founding fathers meant for us to do and how we’re led to govern people,” Sherman said. “I couldn’t be more supportive of this bill, and it’s long overdue.” Chris Bendik, who owns CB Firearms on Route 88 in Union Township, applauded the decision and said he hopes it will cement gun rights for area residents. “I think it sends a pretty strong message that people are starting to take a stance for what’s rightfully theirs,” Bendick said. “We’re seeing this more and more across the country with states and counties declaring themselves sanctuaries. […]

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