Wayland resident tries - again - to limit guns on town property

Wayland resident tries – again – to limit guns on town property

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Hide caption Duane Galbi is trying a second time to limit gun possession in town. His first attempt was unsuccessful. WAYLAND – Duane Galbi does not like guns, and for the second time in less than a year, he wants to limit them on town property. “Guns don’t belong in our daily life,” Galbi said. “That is my value system. Others might have a different value system.” Galbi’s citizen petition at next month’s Town Meeting will ask voters to prohibit guns in town buildings and at town-sponsored events on town-owned property. Written permission from selectmen would be an exception. Those with a legal license to carry a concealed weapon would also be subject to the restrictions in Galbi’s petition. Police Chief Patrick Swanick said towns can legally establish local regulations to make areas gun-free. “I’m an optimistic dude,” Galbi said when asked if voters will support his petition. At November special Town Meeting, voters failed to support another of Galbi’s petitions, 268-89, that would have limited the discharge of firearms in Wayland. Many voters on the floor said the article was too complicated to understand. This week, selectmen voted 5-0 not to support this latest petition. Chairwoman Lea Anderson said the board appreciates Galbi’s concern about safety, but with no enforcement steps in the petition, and no clear definition of “dangerous weapons” in the measure, the board couldn’t support it. “Everybody understands (Galbi’s) motivation, but to change bylaws, you have to make sure that it’s doable,” Anderson said. State […]

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