WDSU Investigates: Gun permits on the rise in Louisiana, Jefferson leading the way

NEW ORLEANS — To date, there have been more than 150 mass shootings across America this year. That’s when more than three people were shot in one instance. Guns – who buys them, how we sell them, and how they’re regulated – are at the center of the controversy. Last year, a record number of people applied for concealed carry permits in Louisiana. We let you know which parish is the most ‘well-armed’ in this area. There’s one thing experts say is leading to the spike in guns sale – fear … fear of crime, fear of danger and fear of not being ready in case the unthinkable happens. Stories of gun violence have dominated headlines this year. From Las Vegas, Nevada to Parkland, Florida and most recently, a newsroom in Maryland. Gun violence is on the rise, and so are gun sales. Gavin Chachere is a gun expert at ‘The Shooter’s Club’ in Harahan. "It’s because people want to feel safe. I would say yes, but they may not use it – but having it will make people pay attention to them," said Chachere. WDSU Investigates has spent weeks combing over state gun records, looking at which parishes are seeing more and more people arm themselves. And the way we broke it down, we looked into concealed carry permits. That’s what a person needs to get to carry a gun legally in Louisiana. Last year, more than 40,000 people applied for and received concealed carry permits. In the […]

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