WDSU Investigates: Gun sales to women spike in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS — Guns sales across the state are at an all-time high as more people are seeking concealed carry permits than ever before. And while men still make up the bulk of gun owners, the gender gap is quickly closing. In Jefferson Parish, guns are flying off the shelves, and what’s becoming more and more common — female gun owners. "I’ve always had guns in my house, as part of my family," said Mary Smith. A retired teacher, Smith says they never belonged to her. She says just typically the men in her family owned them . But three years ago, that all changed as the 70-year Smith bought her first gun and secured her first concealed carry permit. "It makes me feel safer, I don’t think I would ever use it unless I was pushed to the brink – – but I like the idea of having it," said Smith. And Smith likes to show off her hardware. "I’m in the mindset of I wear it every day , like shoes – – I just put it on," said Smith. State records show that a record number of women are buying guns. To legally carry a firearm in Louisiana, a person needs to have a conceal carry permit. WDSU Investigates spend weeks combing over and breaking down those numbers. And the number of females buying guns is staggering. In 2017, over 9,000 women statewide applied for — and received — their first -ever conceal carry permits. That […]

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