‘We are for your rights’: Students stage walkouts across U.S. to back Second Amendment

'We are for your rights': Students stage walkouts across U.S. to back Second Amendment

Close to 100 students at Grand Ledge High School left class May 2 in a show of support for the Second Amendment. Wochit (Photo: John Terhune/Journal & Courier) Students at schools across the nation walked out of classrooms Wednesday to show their support for the Second Amendment. The rallies, dubbed "Stand for the Second," were started by New Mexico high schooler Will Riley to show that not every young person is on board with the gun-control movement created after the Valentine’s Day high school shooting in Florida. Organizers say events were scheduled in about 40 states. Students, many wearing T-shirts that read "Stand for the 2nd Walkout" or holding signs, walked out of their classes at 10 a.m. local time. Riley, 18, a senior at Carlsbad High School , said he planned the events because of the nationwide student gun protests that dominated news coverage in the aftermath of shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. "I’m watching the news and I see they’re saying, ‘We have to do something about this. We have to enact some sort of gun control legislation because this is what the kids are asking for.’ And I’m thinking, ‘I’m not asking for that,’ " Riley said. "I look at my friends and I think ‘They’re not asking for that.’ Riley said he wanted to give a voice to people "who feel that they’re being misrepresented by the media." In Michigan, about 100 students walked out of Grand Ledge High School […]

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