Weld joins Colorado counties declaring themselves a "Second Amendment sanctuary"

Weld joins Colorado counties declaring themselves a “Second Amendment sanctuary”

Gun Rights

A handful of conservative Colorado counties are pushing back against a potential state law that would let judges order the removal of firearms from people they determine to be a safety risk. Weld on Wednesday joined Fremont, Montezuma, Otero and Custer counties in passing a resolution indirectly condemning the extreme risk protection order, or "red flag," bill being debated at the Capitol as unconstitutional and excusing their local sheriffs and other law enforcement from carrying out those orders. “I think we’re trying to make a statement to the lawmakers in Denver who are acting on their own agenda and not listening to the rest of the state,” Fremont County Commissioner Dwayne McFall said. “We’re not sworn to uphold an unconstitutional law.” The law McFall and his fellow county commissioners are worried about technically doesn’t exist yet. The Colorado House passed a bill earlier this week that would allow such protection orders, but it hasn’t had a hearing in the Senate yet. Republicans blocked a similar bill during the 2018 session, when they had a Senate majority, but Democrats gained control in November’s midterm election. “No one wants people with mental health issues or anyone who could be a danger to themselves or others to have access to firearms,” said Rep. Dave Williams, a Colorado Springs Republican. RELATED: What Colorado can learn from “red flag” gun laws in other states as lawmakers debate passing their own version The problem he and other Republicans have with House Bill 1177 is the […]

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