‘Well-regulated’ is key to Second Amendment debate

'Well-regulated' is key to Second Amendment debate

People hold up their cellphones as the names of the victims of the Aug. 3 mass shooting are read during a memorial service, Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019, at Southwest University Park, in El Paso, Texas. (AP Photo/Jorge Salgado) What about a well-regulated militia? What are the penalties for failing in that regulation — i.e., allowing someone to run amok in El Paso, Texas, or Dayton, Ohio ? A hit to the pocketbook might achieve more progress toward socially responsible gun regulation than anything else we’ve undertaken up to now. What if we created a fund to pay damages to survivors and relatives of victims of any mass shooting? What if a tax were assessed on each gun purchased for the purpose of establishing such a fund? What if a significant portion of the dues of every NRA member were directed into that fund? What if every owner of guns had an annual property tax assessed on every gun owned legally (much like vehicles are taxed in Missouri) to be directed into this fund? By having that insurance policy maintained by all who claim the right to bear arms, might we curb the desire to bear arms that has too long run amok in our country? Because there must be a price. In my opinion, the price has been paid for too long by those who have died at the hands of members of an unregulated militia.

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