We’re #1… in school shootings

We’re #1... in school shootings

It’s a sad fact. There have been more than 250 school shootings in the U.S. since 2009. The next highest country has had less than 10. And, while MacCrabby doesn’t want to discount non-school mass shootings (Las Vegas, Florida, and others), today’s focus is on the schools. Perhaps there are ideas for things that can be done, outside of modifications to current laws, or an update to the second amendment, and that would be wonderful. But, Mac-Crabby, and apparently the entire nation, has not come up with those ideas, and no one has made kids safer. So, the conversation continues. This country spends a lot of time, and money, talking about guns, and we’ve become divided along party lines. This is life and death, and too much of it is death. Maybe it’s time to put “party” aside and do something for humanity. We do it for a day, or two, after each shooting, and promises are made that something will change, but it never does. So, we’re talking about another mass shooting. It seems that statement can be made about once a week. First, let MacCrabby stipulate that he supports the second amendment. And, while the right to bear arms was vital in 1791 (when it was written by James Madison) and remains important today, perhaps it’s time to admit that times have changed since 1791. Can we at least agree on that? Our framers of the constitution and the subsequent amendments were brilliant, dedicated, individuals that designed […]

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