What do kids do when left alone with a gun? Cook Children’s experiment finds out

What do kids do when left alone with a gun? Cook Children's experiment finds out

A new program at Cook Children’s Hospital is showing families what can happen when their children are left alone with a gun. The ‘Aim for Safety’ program has invited seven families to participate in a test. Real handguns that are unloaded and can’t fire are hidden in a playroom, and cameras roll on children and their parents watching from another room. "I wanted to grab the parent’s attention to see that it could happen to them," said Dr. Daniel Guzman, an ER physician at Cook Children’s. Dr. Guzman said that last year, 37 children entered his emergency room due to accidental gun shots. 35 of those kids survived with injuries and two died. He said numbers of injuries have increased in recent years, and he decided to do something about it. "I want people to open their hearts and minds to the fact that this is something that’s real," Dr. Guzman said. "What I want to emphasize is about the child’s safety." Dr. Chad Hamner and his wife Jana Wunderlich agreed to participate in the experiment with their three young boys, Jackson, 10, Wyatt, 7, and Owen, 4. Dr. Hamner is the head of trauma at Cook Children’s and often finds gunshot victims on his operating table. "Several of the kids that I’ve seen who’ve been shot are three, four, two," Dr. Hamner said. "It’s not a 16-year-old showing his buddies a gun, it’s young kids." Dr. Hamner and Wunderlich said they keep guns in a locked safe in […]

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