What does ‘constitutional carry’ mean and how would it change gun laws in Florida?

What does 'constitutional carry' mean and how would it change gun laws in Florida?

During a press conference in rural Levy County, Gov. Ron DeSantis promised that “before I am done as governor, we will have a signature on” what supporters call a “constitutional carry” bill that would allow residents to carry concealed guns without needing licenses. During an event in February at Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, DeSantis told an audience he expected the Legislature to address the issue in a special session this year, according to J.C. Martin, chairman of the Polk County Republican Party. But how, exactly, would that change Florida’s existing gun laws? And what is constitutional carry? Florida Legislature ‘will get it done’: Gov. DeSantis says Florida Legislature will pass ‘constitutional carry’ gun law What does constitutional carry mean? Under constitutional carry legislation, a person who legally owns a firearm may carry it in public, visibly or concealed, at almost any time or place, without training, registration or government licensing. Simple as that. The fight for and against guns: Many states were already advancing new gun rules this year, even before recent mass shootings Under constitutional carry laws, can anyone carry a gun wherever they want to? Not quite. And the laws vary from state to state. First and foremost, you must be legally allowed to carry a firearm under state law. Age, criminal history, location, residency and other restrictions may still apply. Some states may keep restrictions on carrying firearms or other weapons other than handguns and may ban firearms at locations […]

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