What does Tennessee’s new permitless carry gun law mean for you?

What does Tennessee's new permitless carry gun law mean for you?

Staff photo by Troy Stolt / NRA-certified gun safety instructor Bob Drews loads ammunition into his personal firearm in the Shooter’s Supply indoor range for a demonstration for the Times Free Press on Thursday, April 22, 2021, in Hixson, Tenn. Drews said he supports Tennessee’s new permitless carry law, but he hopes that Chattanooga area residents understand that the additional rights to carry firearms do not extend to other states, and that Tennessee residents should take the time to educate themselves on proper firearm handling and legal use. NASHVILLE — Beginning July 1, most Tennesseans ages 21 and older will no longer be legally required to undergo state criminal background checks, firearms training or demonstrate firearm competency in order to carry a handgun either openly or concealed while in public. But residents may need to be mindful should they choose not to obtain or renew their current "enhanced" gun-carry permits under Gov. Bill Lee’s new "permitless carry" or "constitutional carry" law that passed the General Assembly earlier this month. The legislation was signed by Lee, a Republican, on April 8 and codified as Public Chapter 108 on April 12. While 18 other states have similar laws on their books — with 10 added in the past six years — a number of other states don’t recognize permitless-carry under their reciprocal agreements with states. If you don’t have a Tennessee-issued enhanced permit in those states, it could land you in legal hot water. Lee, who is seeking reelection next year, […]

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