What Is the Best Gun for Self Defense?: Semi-Automatic vs. Revolver

Kyle Mizokami A handgun is a dangerous weapon designed to kill people. That said, it is also merely a tool, and there are some situations in which it is the only tool that can effectively respond to a dangerous situation. One of the most valuable skills a handgun owner can possess is the ability to think clearly in a stressful situation and refrain from using force. The times when force is absolutely, positively necessary will be exceedingly rare, but readily apparent. One of the most important roles a handgun can play is in home defense. Compact and easy to secure, handguns are ideal weapons for defending one’s own home. Caliber aside, one of the major questions when picking a home-defense gun is whether or not to choose a revolver or semiautomatic handgun. Both types have bring their own advantages and disadvantages to the debate, and knowing them will help […]

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