What sets Howze apart from Harder

What are the differences between congressional candidates Ted Howze and Josh Harder.? Here are the facts so you can be the judge of who your candidate is. Police, riots, and anarchists: Howze has publically supported the police and condemns the violence in America. On the other hand, on June 25 Harder voted against a resolution condemning violence and against supporting additional funding for law enforcement training. Harder has been photographed kneeling in solidarity with those actively calling for the defunding of the police. Support Peaceful Protest Act: Howze supports the bill, which calls for prison time for violent rioters’ criminal acts. Harder, on the contrary, has not supported this bill. Border Security: Howze supports securing our border, E-Verify, and has called for an end to “sanctuary cities.” Conversely, Harder has endorsed Joe Biden and his open borders platform. On Sept. 27, 2019, Harder voted against a national Emergency Declaration for border security and refuses to take any position on E-Verify. Harder is on record fully supporting “sanctuary cities.” Veterans & VA Hospital: Numerous local veteran groups support Howze and have teamed with him to secure medical treatment for veterans like Sam Satariano, a 100-year-old World War II veteran. Harder takes credit for the Veteran’s Hospital in French Camp, which was the signature legislation of Congressman Jeff Denham when approved in 2015. Harder voted for HR 3532 on Sept. 26, 2019, which creates better healthcare records for illegal immigrants than our veterans. Social Security/Medicare: Howze supports saving Social Security and […]

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