What the hell is:Free Trade”? And why can’t I buy a gun in another state?

Interstate commerce regulations started out to regulate shit . States were shipping "solid waste" to other states whose regulations were more "lenient". Congress got involved … politically adding to the burden of "wastes". Eventually, it was permitted to ship "wastes" between states (for disposal) without much regulation. Now that decision is being applied to the question whether states have differing regulations concerning the purchase of firearms. Specifically, can a resident of one state purchase a firearm from another state of which he is not a citizen? Didn’t we resolve this with the Second Amendment? I guess not. Interstate handgun purchase ban divides federal court – Guns.com Interstate handgun purchase ban divides federal court : A decision not to grant a retrial in a challenge to the federal law barring handgun sales to out-of-state residents sparked intense debate in one of the nation’s federal appeals courts last week. The judges on the U.S. 5th Circuit were divided on overturning a decision by a three-judge panel that supported the gun law earlier this year. They narrowly voted 8-7 against granting a rare en banc hearing by the full circuit. The thin majority agreed that the longtime ban on selling handguns over the counter to out-of-state residents is in the public interest. The minority vehemently disagreed with the concept, which predated today’s modern instant criminal background check process, holding it was against the Second Amendment and was confusing when compared to the ability to sell rifles and shotguns without such prohibitions. The […]

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