What’s Next For Gun Law, Policy In Texas?

What's Next For Gun Law, Policy In Texas?

Members of This Is Texas Freedom Force guard The Cenotaph at Alamo Plaza during a Black Lives Matter protest in May 2020. WEDNESDAY on "The Source" — The Biden administration is pushing for gun control measures including an assault weapons ban and stronger background checks for gun purchases in the wake of mass shootings in Atlanta and Colorado less than a week apart that left 18 people dead. In response, Texas GOP leadership doubled down on commitments to protect the state’s gun owners. Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott said it’s imperative that lawmakers expand gun rights this legislative session because "they are gonna come to get your guns." After the 2019 mass shootings in El Paso and Midland/Odessa, state leaders appeared more open to addressing concerns about laws that allow private gun sales between strangers without background checks. Now, under Biden’s presidency and the political threat of seeming soft on crime, Abbott and other top Republicans have returned to full-fledged support for gun rights across the board. The move is frustrating for gun-control advocates who had hoped for what they see as common-sense reforms in 2021, but gun rights groups are enthusiastic about efforts to defend Texas from what they see as federal attacks on their Second Amendment rights. Large-scale shootings in public places fell sharply in 2020 during the pandemic, but mass shootings overall jumped by 50% nationally. Texas reported 34 mass shootings in 2020 that killed 37 and injured 124. Gun and ammo sales also surged in […]

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