Where can you buy guns if Dick's stops selling them? Almost anywhere

Where can you buy guns if Dick’s stops selling them? Almost anywhere

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Scott Weber, 63, has seen department stores enter and exit the firearms market over the years, and remembers poring over pages of gun ads in the Sears catalog while growing up on a farm. Big retail chains such as Sears "have them and then they don’t," said Weber, who owns Gunrunner Firearms & Auction. That’s why he thinks the decision by Dick’s Sporting Goods to pull guns out of nearly one-fifth of its 700-plus stores will probably make no more difference than similar shifts in the past. In an interview with the Washington Examiner , Weber also predicted the move won’t necessarily boost sales for independent dealers such as himself unless they happen to be located near one of the affected stores. Instead, the gun sales Dick’s might have made will be absorbed by rival chains such as Bass Pro Shops or its subsidiary, Cabela’s, which together comprise 200 stores. Dick’s had lost many of its gun buyers already, he believes, after halting sales of the top-selling AR-15 semi-automatic rifle following its use in a mass killing at a Florida high school in 2018. "A lot of my customers talked about it," recalled Weber, whose business is based in Wyoming and Ohio. "They said, ‘I’ll never shop there again. It’s anti-2nd Amendment.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, that’s a really bad move. Watch.’ And their stock started tumbling and people started not going in there." Pittsburgh-based Dick’s Sporting Goods’ latest financial report, published this week, confirmed the slump in its […]

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