Where do guns fit in today’s America?

Where do guns fit in today's America?

Times Writers Group We all heard of the scarcity of toilet paper as the pandemic hit in March. Apparently that was not the only item in demand. In early September, local, state and national headlines highlighted the record-breaking sales in firearms and ammunition. Abundant are suggested reasons for the demand. Some cite the pandemic for the cause. That makes about as much sense as the hoarding of toilet paper. Circumstances stemming from the lockdowns caused by the virus may be more credible. Others point out the fear for personal safety as the riots have continued to terrorize citizens across the country. Related cries to defund/disband police departments and the resultant retirements and resignations have added fodder to the fear of protecting life and property. Being an election year, there are also concerns about the Second Amendment and the demands for gun control and gun confiscation coming from political factions. Those concerns are not new. In 2016, background checks increased by 4 million. That, too, was an election year. Hillary Clinton campaigned for stricter firearm restrictions. There were numerous acts of international terrorism and mass shootings that heightened fear levels. Following the election of Barack Obama, there was also a surge in gun purchases in reaction to his promise to increase restrictions on gun purchases. This year, nationally, gun sales skyrocketed as 5 million persons became new gunowners. In Minnesota, the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported an increase from 21,900 background checks in August 2019 to nearly 35,000 in August […]

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