Which Americans Support the Second Amendment?

Gun Rights

Admin’s note: Participants in this discussion must follow the site’s moderation policy . Profanity will be filtered. Abusive conduct is not allowed. I support the 2nd for All Americans that have not committed a felony. #5 | POSTED BY BYRDMAN What about for those who have committed a violent misdemeanor? How about for those who have demonstrated they are irresponsible gun owners but have not faced prosection, such as a parent leaving a loaded gun out for a child to find and kill someone with? How about someone with dementia or someone under court supervision for psychiatric problems? What about those who have psychological problems moron? A real background check would include psychological history and perhaps a psychological interview with someone trained to detect the traits of psychos. But hey, your kids haven’t been killed by a psychos so it’s no big deal. Wait til it is your kids and, trust me, your opinion will change. So many fools supporting total 2nd Amendment rights up until the day it is their family then they change a little too late. Which American support the 2nd Amendment, without restrictions? The stupid ones. They won’t realize their stupidity until it is one of their kids gunned down, then they will. This is a pattern we’ve seen all over America. Stupid people waking up too late. Which American support the 2nd Amendment, without restrictions? Generally, not the ones who support the Acting Attorney General who has not gone through the Constitutional process of […]

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