White House withdraws David Chipman’s nomination as head of ATF

Biden put the blame on Republicans for the inability to get Chipman confirmed, even though there have been concerns among moderate Democrats and independent Maine Sen. Angus King — as well as GOP senators — over Chipman’s past record on gun control. “He would have been an exemplary Director of the ATF and would have redoubled its efforts to crack down on illegal firearms traffickers and help keep our communities safe from gun violence,” Biden said of Chipman. “Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress have made clear that they intend to use gun crime as a political talking point instead of taking serious steps to address it. That’s why they’ve moved in lockstep to block David Chipman’s confirmation, and it’s why they side with gun manufacturers over the overwhelming majority of the American people in opposing commonsense measures like universal background checks.” Chipman said it was an honor to be considered. “I knew this confirmation process would be difficult, and while ultimately we weren’t successful, it remains essential that ATF is led by a confirmed Director who is accountable to the public and places no special interests before the safety of our children and our communities,” Chipman said in a statement. A senior administration official told Fintech Zoom the move was made after the White House realized “we do not have the votes. We will land him in a non-confirmed job in the administration.” Chipman, a former career official at ATF, came under scrutiny from pro-gun rights supporters and the National […]

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