Who’s running for Congress in Montgomery County? Two very different women

Who's running for Congress in Montgomery County? Two very different women

Suburban women may decide the fate of the nation come Nov. 3. At an Oct. 13 rally in Johnstown, Cambria County, President Donald Trump asked, “Suburban women, will you please like me?” Montgomery County is home to two, very different suburban women — Democratic Congresswoman Madeleine Dean and her GOP challenger Kathy Barnette. Dean grew up in Abington. She attended La Salle, Widener and the University of Pennsylvania. She opened a three-person legal practice in Glenside. She taught writing at LaSalle and ran a small a bicycle distribution company with her husband. By contrast, Barnette describes a childhood “below the bottom rung of the economic ladder.” “I was a little Black girl who grew up on a pig farm in southern Alabama,” she told a debate moderator earlier this month. “I grew up in a home with no insulation, no running water, an outhouse in the back and a well on the side.” Barnette later became a U.S. Armed Forces reserve veteran who also taught part time as an adjunct professor before her current career a conservative commentator on shows like Fox News. Dean wants universal healthcare, universal background checks, universal pre-K classes and would have the government provide “two years of tuition-free access to community college programs that lead to a degree of industry-recognized credential .” In Congress, Dean introduced measures to reduce homelessness among children who age out of the foster care system, prevent debt collectors targeting members of the U.S. military , and make it easier […]

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