Why don’t I carry a gun? The cost is too high, yet has nothing to do with money

Why don't I carry a gun? The cost is too high, yet has nothing to do with money

Post-Tribune columnist Jerry Davich shoots an AR-556 auto-loading rifle March 7, 2018 at the Shoot Point Blank indoor shooting range in Merrillville. (Jerry Davich / Post-Tribune) Only once in my life did I even consider owning and carrying a gun or firearm. It came earlier this year when I visited Shoot Point Blank, an indoor shooting range and gun shop in Merrillville, to shoot a Ruger AR-556 auto-loading rifle, for a column . I also shot two handguns, a Colt Cobra and a Colt Mustang. Again, I did it strictly to see how it felt, and how they compared to that AR-556, for that column. The gun shop was an impressive facility. Big, bright and professional with dozens of weapons of every shape and size displayed behind glass cases and on the walls. The thought of possibly buying one and carrying it on me in public flashed through my head. Cost was a factor. Not paying for one of those handguns, rounds of ammunition, a permit, and training how to handle one. I can likely afford the monetary price, but I was more concerned with the cost of always having to be mindful of my firearm when I carried it in public. Where would I keep it on my body? In a holster on my lower leg, as some owners do? In the back of my pants, as other owners do? In my car’s glovebox or under a seat? Or possibly in a shoulder holster as my father once […]

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