Why in the WORLD should NRA back a ban on “Plastic Guns”?

The very idea that the NRA should "back the ban" on ANY kind of firearms restriction ("infringement") is absolutely ridiculous! "Shall not be infringed" COD, August 15, 2018: NRA should back ban on plastic guns | YOUR OPINION | richmond.com : NRA should back ban on plastic guns Editor, Times-Dispatch: The National Rifle Association has a wonderful opportunity to win the hearts and minds of those of us who are in the “center” of the gun control debate. By the center, I’m talking about the majority of people who support individual gun ownership rights but also see a need for more controls on certain types of weapons. In the first place , the concept that the NRA should "back the plan" on ANY kind of firearms infringement is abhorrent to firearms owners … who rely on the NRA to support the ideal of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was designed to protect the rights of Americans from those who do not agree with the concept of freedom of Americans. You are an obnoxious herb-eather who has no respect for the basic rights which we all enjoy. You prefer to lower us to your level. Which is not only obnoxious and demeaning, but also (when you suggest we should yield our rights to POLITICIANS) … disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. And if you think that Firearms Owners should give up their "certain types of weapons" to please Democrats who (having nothing to lose) consider themselves the arbiters […]

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