Why Join?

We are striving to build a community of friends and family that will take the place of the leftist social media platforms. Some of the features that are currently available:

  1. Activity wall where you can let your friends and family know what you are doing.
  2. Photo Gallery.
  3. Video gallery (coming Soon)
  4. Personal messaging
  5. Create your own group
  6. Forums
  7. Upload and download documents about firearms, reloading, concealed carry, etc.
  8. Online chat to talk to friends or family in real time.
  9. Plus MUCH MORE! So register today!

We are always looking for more ideas that people want to see, so if you think you have a good one contact us HERE.

We are also currently looking for members who want to help regulate, moderate and postulate the site, if interested fill out this simple form HERE.