Why NC GOP must end its misguided efforts to block Leandro school funding

Leandro case “What to know about NC’s historic school funding dispute,” ( Nov. 11 ) was lucid, informative and a shocking display of political dereliction of duty. Yet, it was a joy to learn that little Robb Leandro of 1994 is now lawyer Robb Leandro . But how many children have not become their best because lawmakers chose not to enact the N.C. constitutional mandate to guarantee every child a sound basic education? That is a right we might well be proud of, if only the Republican-controlled General Assembly would join the Democrats and Gov. Roy Cooper to do the right thing. They should not waste time — and our children’s lives — in fruitless and misguided litigation. They should invest the large budget surplus in the future generation and end the harms of the past. Nancy Milio, Chapel Hill Mayor Baldwin Regarding “Protesters target Raleigh mayor’s campaign kickoff,” ( Nov. 11 ): Raleigh could have moved its election to March 2022 like other municipalities in North Carolina and maintained a requirement for a majority election with possible runoffs, still allowing Raleigh citizens to vote as soon as possible. There is never a valid reason to delay an election even one day more than is necessary, certainly not an additional eight months. Despite Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin’s claim that Raleigh could not redraw electoral districts in time for a March election, Charlotte did exactly that and proved Baldwin’s assertion wrong. But she is not interested in the possibility of dealing […]

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