Why Republicans aren’t likely to budge on gun control

Why Republicans aren't likely to budge on gun control

Two Remington R1 Enhanced model 1911 pistols sit in a case available for sale at Atlantic Outdoors gun shop on March 26, 2018, in Stokesdale, North Carolina. (CNN)The political script following the recent mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado, and Atlanta feels all too familiar. Democrats, led by President Joe Biden, want Congress to pass gun control legislation , most notably universal background checks, while Republicans are balking. The motions are so familiar that I wrote an article three years ago , explaining why Republicans were unlikely to change their minds and why there was little backlash to them opposing a measure that some polls indicate is supported by more than 80% of Americans. While the party of the president is different now, a look at the polling and election results shows us why it’s still unlikely that Democrats will be able to convince enough Senate Republicans to break through a filibuster for universal background checks. 1. Americans don’t think Democrats reflect their views on guns If the public was that upset with the GOP’s stance on guns, then they’d trust Democrats more to deal with gun policy. A Pew Research Center poll last year didn’t show that was the case. Instead, 46% of respondents actually said the Republican Party reflected their views on gun policy, while 42% said Democrats reflected it better. To be clear, these numbers are close, and no party has a consistent edge on the issue over the last decade. Still, it’s inconsistent with the belief […]

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