Why Some Agents Carry Guns

Is your colleague packing? Not filling boxes to help clients move, but “packing heat” – as in carrying a gun? Many agents are doing just that these days to protect themselves when showing houses to complete strangers, or listing houses for sellers they aren’t familiar with, according to the National Association of Realtors. Of the 3,000 members who responded to NAR’s latest safety poll, 14 percent said they carry a firearm on their person. Male agents were more likely than their female counterparts to carry a gun; women overwhelmingly preferred to carry pepper spray. One female agent in Northern California told me that while she and members of her team haven’t carried firearms yet, guns “could be in the future for us.” Similarly, when a male agent in Maryland was asked if he carried, he responded, “Not yet.” Another man, one who’d been a police officer for 16 years before becoming a full-time agent in Massachusetts, was explicit when asked if he carried a gun. “I own firearms and practice with all the revolvers, compact pistols and semi-compact pistols I own,” he said. “I have a concealed firearms permit. I prefer my S&W .380 ‘Bodyguard’ with a red laser built-in sight. … It is a very concealable weapon I can carry in any season.” He said his broker’s policy prohibits guns in the office. But does he carry when actually showing houses? “Why would I not?” he said. Who Feels Safe – and Who Doesn’t Overall, the NAR survey […]

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