Why very principled conservatives choose MAGA Mandel over JD Vance (Hint: They’re Democrats)

Why very principled conservatives choose MAGA Mandel over JD Vance (Hint: They're Democrats)

Despite Ohio crucially sending Barack Obama to the White House twice, it voted for his presidential successor Donald Trump with a margin of over 8 points in both his successful 2016 election and his 2020 failure. Sherrod Brown earned Democrats its first Senate seat in nearly a decade with his 2006 victory, but his lead shrunk from 12 points to the single digits in subsequent reelections. Ohio can reasonably expect that Rob Portman, the outgoing senator who won his reelection by more than 20 points, will be replaced by a fellow Republican. Given President Joe Biden’s razor-thin control of both the Senate and the House, the entire nation has a vested interest in who wins in the 2022 primary for Portman’s seat. Yet, having learned absolutely nothing from Trump trolling his way into the Oval Office, the Very Principled Conservatives who have found themselves rooting not just for Biden to beat Trump in 2020 but also to hand the Senate to pro-abortion, pro-Critical Race Theory, and pro-gun confiscation extremists are now waging war against the single candidate most likely to beat Josh Mandel. Mandel, the former Ohio treasurer, nearly bested Brown in the senator’s 2012 election. Given his otherwise straight victory of winning Ohio races and his current lead in the polls, Mandel is the candidate to beat in the 2022 primary. And with record, actually principled conservatives and Democrats alike ought to have a vested interest in seeing another Republican does so. That candidate, in any sane world, […]

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