Wisconsin Senate passes ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ legislation limiting federal gun laws

Wisconsin Senate passes 'Second Amendment sanctuary' legislation limiting federal gun laws

MADISON – The Wisconsin state Senate sent a constitutionally questionable bill Wednesday to Gov. Tony Evers that attempts to prevent federal gun laws from having any effect in the state. The Democratic governor is unlikely to sign the gun legislation and has expressed reservations about the redistricting legislation. The Senate passed Assembly Bill 293 on a voice vote. It is meant to exempt firearms in Wisconsin from federal gun laws and regulations. Similar measures have been found unconstitutional in other states because state laws can’t override federal ones. If signed into law and deemed constitutional, the legislation would prevent Wisconsin law enforcement officials from confiscating guns from those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses, according to nonpartisan lawyers for the Legislature. That’s because there is no state law that corresponds with a federal law allowing guns to be taken from such offenders. The legislation is part of a national response from Republicans to fend off gun legislation they fear Democrats in Congress and President Joe Biden may impose. Specifically, the Wisconsin legislation would prohibit the enforcement of laws that restrict gun or ammunition sales or require the seizure of weapons. Backers contend the Wisconsin bill would make the state a "Second Amendment sanctuary." The bill would also require guns manufactured in the state to be stamped with a "Made in Wisconsin" logo. More: Legislators call for ATF to crack down on problem gun dealers, citing USA TODAY/The Trace investigation It passed the Assembly this month and next goes to […]

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