Words matter in gun ‘control’ versus ‘safety’: Letter to the editor

Words matter in gun 'control' versus 'safety': Letter to the editor

(Toya Sarno Jordan/Getty Images) It must sometimes be difficult to write headlines for articles. What words should be used to summarize them? A single word can make a powerful difference in the mood and thinking of the reader. A case in point is the July 7 Oregonian/OregonLive editorial headline, " Let Legislature do its job on gun control. " Use of the words "gun control" rather than gun safety or gun violence can frame the debate in a way favorable to those who have knee-jerk reactions to being controlled by government, or by anybody. Which sounds better, gun control or gun rights? I’ll be looking forward to seeing the words gun safety or gun violence used in headlines when gun issues surface in the next legislative session. Fortunately, the substance of the editorial does recommend to "push for change there." Dick Mase, Southwest Portland

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