Worth County discussing becoming a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ county

Worth County discussing becoming a 'Second Amendment sanctuary' county

MANLY, Iowa – In light of jurisdictions like Virginia and New York passing or discussing enacting strict gun control measures, some are pushing back. While the wording varies depending on the jurisdiction that decides to enact the status, Second Amendment Sanctuaries are places where local governments have adopted ordinances or resolutions that continue to back the right to bear arms and oppose any measures against the Second Amendment that are perceived as unconstitutional, such as universal background checks, red flag laws and assault weapon bans. So far, counties or cities in 32 states have adopted similar measures. Currently, Iowa does not have any jurisdictions that have adopted the status, though it may become reality in Worth County, as the County Board of Supervisors discussed the matter during their meeting Monday morning. Jeff Germundson is a Second Amendment supporter, though he agrees with some limitations, such as restricting the availability of assault weapons. "Too many rounds, hurts too many people." However, he feels that a decision like this is best left to a higher form of government. "There are too many counties in Iowa, and they need to let the state and the federal government work it out." The Board of Supervisors did not take action on the matter, which will be discussed at a later time.

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