Would tougher gun laws make NC schools safer? Depends on who you ask.

There’s no debate that North Carolina schools can be made safer, but a town hall Tuesday showed there’s disagreement on whether tougher gun control laws is the right answer to the problem. The panel of elected officials, students, law enforcement and mental-health professionals at Tuesday night’s forum at Sanderson High School agreed that steps such as more mental health workers are needed in the wake of recent national mass school shootings. But when it came to whether there should also be more laws restricting access to guns, the consensus disappeared — mirroring the national divide on the issue. "For us to have a real conversation around school safety, we need to have a real conversation about access to guns," said Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, a Raleigh Democrat. Today’s top news by email The local news you need to start your day Recaptcha requires verification. I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA Privacy – Terms Chaudhuri and other Democratic legislators have introduced bills that would raise the age to purchase assault-style rifles from 18 to 21 and ban "bump stocks," which allow guns to mimic fully automatic fire. They also want judges to be able to order people considered physical threats to themselves or others to surrender weapons temporarily. But Chaudhuri complained that the legislation is being ignored by Republican lawmakers who control the legislature. In contrast, Sen. John Alexander, a Raleigh Republican, said there’s "terrific unanimity in finding solutions" to school safety. "There might be a disagreement as to how we get […]

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