WSCO expresses concern over "Red Flag" bill

WSCO expresses concern over “Red Flag” bill

Gun Rights

Undersheriff Rob Furrow and Sheriff Jon Stivers were at Latte Da Thursday morning to answer questions. Thursday morning, Sheriff Jon Stivers and Undersheriff Rob Furrow were at Latte Da to answer questions about House Bill 19-1177, also called the Red Flag Bill. It is called an Extreme Risk Protection Order and would allow people to go to the authorities and if they feel a person was posing a danger or threat, could ask to have their guns removed. That person would then have 14 days to go before the judge and show that he/she wasn’t a threat and the judge would have the decision as to whether they could keep their guns. If the judge decides they could not have their guns back, they would lose them for 364 days. It is also called a mental health bill. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is not in favor of this bill, as are many counties in the state. If a person was truly a threat, removing their guns would not solve the problem. If someone was intent on doing harm to a person or a group of people, they could do this without a gun. We know that guns can kill, but it is the people using the guns who cause the damage; and if they were intent on hurting or killing someone, they do not need a gun to do this. Following below is a summary of this bill: A BILL FOR AN ACT 101 CONCERNING CREATION OF AN […]

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