Wyoming County Supervisors take Second Amendment stand

Gun Rights

WARSAW — As a rural area, Wyoming County has its share of hunters and firearms enthusiasts. The NY SAFE Act gun control law met opposition from a wide swath of area residents when it was approved six years ago and Second Amendment rights continue to be a concern for them, which was part of why the county’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a resolution titled “Opposing Infringements on the Rights of Legitimate Firearm Owners.” Brian Krawczyk, an Attica resident representing a coalition including the Genesee and Wyoming county chapters of the Shooters Committee on Political Education, spoke before supervisors voted. He said as private citizens, people deal with events within the state, including factors of geography, society and lifestyle. “We rely on you guys, we lean on you guys — our local elected officials — to be our voice and stand up in those areas that we can’t,” Krawczyk said. The concerns go beyond the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights as a whole, he said. “You have to understand than anything we allow to slip away in our lifetime not only affects us personally today, but tomorrow moving forward our posterity as well,” he said. “Things we allow to go away as far as liberties and freedom, and the price that has been paid over the years by great men and women, becomes the new normal for the next generation and we really need to be careful against that.” The resolution notes that “the right of […]

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