York County township could become Second Amendment sanctuary: Here’s why, what it means

York County township could become Second Amendment sanctuary: Here's why, what it means

Ryan Berry was stopped and searched at the York Fair on Sunday, September 8, 2019. Law enforcement was investigating his bullet belt. York Daily Record A municipality in southwestern York County could become one of the first Second Amendment sanctuaries in Pennsylvania in advance of any potential battle over gun control at the state or federal level. Fred Walker, a resident of West Manheim Township, located near Hanover, asked the board of supervisors at a meeting last month to consider such an ordinance, showing its support for the right to bear arms and not enforcing gun control laws. The board directed its solicitor to draft an ordinance, which is now available for public review and comment. The board could vote on it next week. Under the plan, the township would not use its money or personnel "in ways that would interfere with the rights protected by the Second Amendment," solicitor Walter Tilley III said in an email. Enforcement of certain laws that restrict gun possession or ownership to protect the public would continue. Some examples include court orders and restrictions on guns in schools. This button was worn at a special meeting in Virginia recently to consider a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution. (Photo: Logan Bogert, AP) Walker, a retired government worker, said this week that he has been watching what’s been happening in Virginia where gun owners and lawmakers have been clashing over proposed legislation that would ban the sale of assault weapons and possession of high-capacity magazines. He […]

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