Your Opinion: Has GOP been hijacked?

Jefferson City Dear Editor As the GOP has gained more power in Missouri, gun laws have been eviscerated and gun deaths have risen 61 percent. Until 2007, the gun-related death rate in Missouri had been a steady 12-13 per 100,000. Then in 2007, the requirement for a gun permit was abolished and in 2016 “stand your ground” and concealed carry became law. Gun deaths steadily climbed and by 2019 it was 21 per 100,000. This year, the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) was passed. What will gun deaths be in five years? SAPA nullifies federal gun laws and penalizes local law enforcement up to $50,000 if they cooperate with federal agencies such as the FBI, ATF and DEA. Sheriffs and prosecutors all over the state have banded together in opposition to this law. Already, many investigations have been halted. Missouri’s police, sheriffs and Highway Patrol had always relied on the superior databases, equipment and manpower of the feds. The criminals love SAPA. Clearly, the GOP isn’t focused on public safety. Further evidence: Republicans have demonized public health officials and passed laws limiting their authority to direct public health policy. Attorney General Eric Schmidt is the black knight battling “evil” COVID-19 vaccinations. The more outrageous he is, the more he hopes to rise to the top of the GOP heap running for Roy Blunt’s seat. Ted Cruz is at war with Big Bird. They demand personal freedom to spread COVID-19? Is this the issue? Voting restrictions: Despite the fact Missouri […]

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