Zirkin’s latest change of heart on gun violence

Zirkin's latest change of heart on gun violence

Guns and crime will top the list of unfinished business Monday as lawmakers gather in Annapolis for the 2018 legislative session’s final day — a dash to the midnight deadline for a record 3,101 bills introduced in the Maryland General Assembly. (Ulysses Muñoz, Michael Dresser / Baltimore Sun video) I am happy that Sen. Bobby Zirkin and his colleagues have “begun discussing how to prevent another tragedy like The Capital shooting” ( “Maryland’s strict gun laws could not prevent Capital Gazette shooting, spurring talk of changes,” July 2). It’s a shame that Senator Zirkin did not use the past session to strengthen gun laws. He consistently fought advocates who worked to expand the list of individuals permitted to seek assistance in the removal of guns from people who were a risk to themselves or others through the Extreme Risk Protective Orders bill . In addition, he ensured another bill that would help divert illegal guns from the underground market was killed in the committee he chairs. Furthermore, he had he opportunity to curb Gov. Larry Hogan ’s undermining of the Firearm Safety Act by supporting legislation to end the Handgun Permit Review Board. This board is handing out concealed carry permits at an alarming rate. I am heartened by Senator Zirkin’s change of heart and hope that he has turned over a new leaf and will finally stand up to Governor Hogan at a time when his constituents need him the most. And, I hope that even when the […]

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